TSX InfoSuite Mobile
The TSX InfoSuite Mobile service is available to all TSX InfoSuite users, offering a robust mobile stock market data application experience. It is a powerful, user-friendly mobile solution that keeps you connected to critical financial information when you are on the go.

TSX InfoSuite Mobile features access to the same portfolios and market data entitlements that exist through your TSX InfoSuite desktop application. They are completely integrated, so that any changes made to portfolios in either application are automatically reflected in the other.

Never miss an opportunity with TSX InfoSuite Mobile

Available natively for Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad),and for other devices you can access via your mobile browser.

Information Pages
Your Regional Head is available to assist you with InfoSuiteTM:
BC/Western Canada and U.S
Arne Gulstene
Phone: +1 604 585-0991
Mobile: +1 604 585 0991
Email: arne.gulstene@tmx.com
Berk Sumen
Phone: +1 403 218-2816
Mobile: +1 403 333-4565
Email: berk.sumen@tmx.com
Karoline Hunter
Phone: +1 416 947-4326
Mobile: +1 416 473-3560
Email: karoline.hunter@tmx.com
Quebec and Atlantic Canada
Roy Wefuan
Phone: +1-514-788-2400
Mobile: +1-514-567-1584
Email: roy.wefuan@tmx.com
Eastern Canada
Omar Khafagy
Email: omar.khafagy@tmx.com
Western Canada
Monica Hamm
Email: monica.hamm@tmx.com

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